Monday, July 14, 2008

Wine, Grapes, and Summer!

Thanks to Bacchus!

So, I have to say that I was somewhat inspired by a recent trip up to Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez, and I decided to throw up some pictures of our kissing arbor and the lovely grapes that have sprouted.  A tour of some picturesque wineries on the Foxen trail really opened my eyes to how the grapes add a refreshing, and cool feeling to any area.  

Grapes and Romance...

Those of you that have read our topiary how-to article already saw that a succulent topiary represents the centerpiece jewel of our kissing arbor.  The key ingredient for a magical feel...the grapes (Thompson, Roger's Red, Ruby Seedless)!  And what could facilitate kissing better than a little california wine, right?

Southern California Wine Tour

If you think you might want to take a little wine tour of your own, there are a variety of options, but I would strongly suggest that you take the Highway 118 on your way up to Santa Barbara.  

On your way to reconnect
 with the 101, you will find yourself confronted with the dilemma of just how many plant nurseries you can possibly stop for!  

If Santa Ynez is your destination, I suggest you take the 154 into the valley and enjoy your day. (Click here for winery maps.) Cheers.

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