Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heather Lenkin on KRLA 870 - Home Wizards

This last Saturday morning, Heather Lenkin made a guest appearance on KRLA 870 radio here in Los Angeles.  The radio show, Home Wizards, is put on by a fellow garden enthusiast, Cindy Dole on Saturday mornings. Highlights included 12 Design Tips for creating a successful home and garden landscape, 20 great heat loving flowers that can withstand the So Cal heat waves, and we even gave away some very fun pot designs for the balcony to our loyal listeners!

12 Design Tips - For a Successful Home

  1. Relate the parts to the whole – link the interior to the exterior, the exterior to the interior, and the architecture to the garden.   
  2. Create a welcoming approach and arrival sequence   
  3. Create a great entry                
  4. Create a perimeter framework – borders, walls, garden rooms
  5. Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative – Vistas and Views , Focal Points
  6. Links and passages
  7. Proportion and Scale
  8. Illusion and Drama
  9. Pattern, Repetition, Rhythm, Cadence
  10. Color, seasonal interest, texture, scent
  11. Invite wildlife
  12. Entertain yourself

20 Heat Loving Flowers - For Summer Gardens

  1. ageratum (bottom right)
  2. alyssum (top right)
  3. angelonia
  4. blue hibiscus
  5. brazilian plume flower, justicia carnea
  6. cestrum
  7. cuphea  
  8. hibiscus
  9. lion's tale, leonitis leonorus
  10. lobelia (middle right)
  11. marigold
  12. nicotiana
  13. pentas
  14. petunia
  15. portulaca
  16. princess flower
  17. salvia
  18. verbena
  19. vinca
  20. zauschneria California fuscia


Lets Plant said...

Great tips and I love the pictures!

GardenGuru said...

Great tips. You definitely came up with stuff I've never thought of before. Right now I'm focusing my attention on planting some liriope. I love how it looks in other gardens and wanted to use it to try to improve my landscape.

Steve said...

Great tips from an excellent blog. It appears you guys are becoming serious bloggers and that's very cool to see. I love your Romantic Garden (see? it worked!!).

Keep up the good work. You ugys are somewhere I will return to see, I promise.