Monday, April 4, 2011

The Garden to see in April: The Lenkin Garden

April has arrived and the Lenkin Garden is blooming and ready for spring. The spectacular Syringa vulgaris and Jasminum polyanthum has produced a lucious aroma that fills Lavender Hill (the purple-themed garden) and encourages anyone walking by to pause, draw in fresh air, and sigh because nature has produced such a sensational moment for us to experience. Since we can’t share their fragrances, we have attempted to captured their beauty in our photographs for you. Enjoy!

Syringa vulgaris var. alba

Lenkin 03.09.11-018
Jasminum polyanthum


Violets on our roof garden

Lenkin 03.09.11-013
Prunus persica 'Alba Plena’ produces beautiful double white blooms in the spring


Anonymous said...

What a lovely garden and wonderful photographs! I need to stop by and sample the serene ambiance and fantastic jasmine aroma. I also need to ask for some advice for my own garden!

Thanks for the website, it made my Monday!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Yummy, i love love love the smell of Jasmine! Would love to have you share your garden post at Cottage Flora Thursday's???? xoxo, Tracie

Lenkin Design said...

Hi Tracie,

yes, between the jasmine, pittosporum undulatum, wisteria and freesias, it's pretty intoxicating in the gardens right now!

And yes, we'd love to participate in this very creative community you're gathering together. Great idea! How do we do this?