Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After walking by our decaying herb garden for the thousandth time on Friday, we decided that a change was in order. Our goal: to freshen up our miniature herb garden for less than $50, and provide us with herbs and fresh lettuce for the season to come!

Here are some of our sad, sad before shots:

Step 1:
Remove the old pots (or get your new pots ready). You can plant your herbs and lettuce directly in the soil, but little pots like these ones make it really easy to quickly snag a pinch of dill or a couple of leaves of Buttercrunch.

Step 2:
Clear and level the soil. This will give a clean and complete look once you're finished.

Step 3:
Plant and place your pots.

Here are some of the plants we chose.
We spaced them out so we could plant strawberries in between. Mmm!


Our finished garden!


Planting edibles can be one of the best ways to reconnect with your garden space. Whether it's small or large, you will enjoy your meals that much more when your own efforts have put the food on the table.

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