Friday, July 3, 2009

Send Flowers!

Or at least you can send pictures of flowers... very small pictures... on the postage stamps.

Several years ago, when we first heard about custom postage stamps, we thought it was a great idea, slapped our logo on some, and have been using them ever since. They look nice, but honestly, we've gotten bored of looking at them. When we saw how nice the pictures of Flora came out, we thought, sure let's put her on a stamp! Next thing we knew, we had a bunch. And yes, anybody can buy them, though we're not asking you to do our advertising for us... Or, make your own! And no, we're not affiliated with Zazzle in any way!

Flora stamp
Vinca Minor stamp
The Heather Lenkin Rose stamp
Succulents stamp
Queen Anne's Lace stamp
African Daisy stamp

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