Friday, May 22, 2009

Flora's Wreath

Flora, the goddess of flowers, has long presided over the Mediterranean Garden, here at Lenkin Gardens. But due to some challenging drainage issues on the rather steep slope where she stands, the roses have struggled to fill in - until now. This Spring has found Flora ensconced in a swirl of blooms. See how content she looks now?






tinyseaturtle said...

Very Beautiful

O. C. Master Gardeners said...

Exerpt from Orange County Master
Gardener newsletter"Garden Thymes"

"Heather Lenkin Garden Field Trip"
by Janna Koch

Heather Lenkin's garden certainly was a place to celebrate a beautiful spring day! All that
beauty and we did not have to do
any work to enjoy it-a rare
relaxing treat for Master Gardeners! Those who came early
were able to see the garden in its
most gorgeous light; those who came later were able to ask Heather loads of questions about
the content, propagation, and
placement of her extensive plant
collection. Master Gardeners added something of their own to
the garden - the sound of laughter coming off the terrace and wafting into the garden. (A welcome
compliment to the gardener!)
Heather has often said that her time is well spent if she can
provide inspiration to even just
one person. I hope we all went
away with a fresh eye to exploring
some new ways to add visual interest and pleasure to our own

Thank you Heather for our lovely
day in your gorgeous garden; we
had a great time! You have made some new fans - both for being
such a talented designer and for
being so nice to share it and your
time with our group!

Janna Koch
Orange County Master Gardener