Friday, March 6, 2009

Puppies and Planters

Happy Friday!

The weather has been a bit odd today. Cold chilly air with occasional warm rays from the sun peeking out between the clouds. The afternoon has ended with a bit of light rain.

Today 'we' have been planting containers for a client. We've taken photos of our progress from beginning to end - so please look for future posts where we will share each step of creating a beautiful container with you.

We have selected plant material that will do well in both sun and shade, has strong seasonal interest and is color keyed to the plant material in our client's front yard.

For now, here is a teaser photo of what is to come.  Annie is 'helping' us with our work. 

Some of the featured plants in this photo are:

Jasminum Polyanthum
Loropetalum chinense
‘Sizzling Pink’
Plectranthus argenteus
‘Silver Streak’

1 comment:

Janna said...

Happy First Day of Spring, gardening friend!

Glad to see Annie on your blog,Kitty(Annie's look-a-like,yes, she's a dog) and Sam are always the ones in the pictures!
Heather has two cute actual kitties as well! We like to see all your cute four-legged garden ornaments!