Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Fairy-tale


Think Happy Thoughts!
The playhouse is a great getaway for height challenged types, while the BBQ area serves as the perfect place to kick back at any time.  A conveniently located hammock, fireplace seating, and the hidden garden jacuzzi will have you locked in this fairy-tale for as long as you'd like.  Its simply a matter of choosing where you want to be!  Pixie dust not included.

Featured Plant life:
  • White Potato Vine (Arbor)
  • Pink "Social Climber" Rose (Arbor)
  • Pale Blue Campanula (Fireplace Stairs)
  • Pink Armeria (In between Stones)
  • Sweet Peas (Fence)
  • Escapaliered Apple Trees (Fence)

Quick Tip:
To separate your garden areas, it helps to use plants with a height difference, which assists in creating "rooms" in your garden.

Cool Stuff:

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