Friday, June 27, 2008

5 Great Herbs: Japanese Zen Herb Garden

We've assembled a wonderful collection of plants, stones, and artifacts to create a Japanese inspired Zen herb garden for this hilltop spiritual paradise.  "The focus in this garden is on creating a softness in terms of sensual experience," says Heather.  

5 Great Herbs for your Zen Garden:
  • Chamomile
  • Sage
  • Marjoram
  • Curry
  • Parsley

The Zen Experience...
Walking through this garden barefoot is fantastic!  Step through a soft Chamomile patch and you're instantly engulfed by that familiar, comfortable aroma of Sunday morning.  The smooth river rock forms a river like path of its own that connects the driveway to the stairs and deck.  The entire experience is cool and refreshing, and leaves a lasting impact on the peacefulness of your day.

Japanese Artifacts:
If you were wondering what that crazy looking tree is, I'm not surprised!  Its a Corylus Contorta, and it fits right in, doesn't it?  The base is covered with small black river rock pebbles.  Also notice the, "Ishidoro", or lantern, and the, "Tsukubai", or water basin.  You could use a Shishi-Odoshi in place of the water basin, but they seem to be somewhat of a rarity in L.A.  Strange, no?

Quick Tip:  
  • Chopstick edging keeps out marauding canines that seem to be on a mission to disturb the peace!


ldybug said...

just found your blog by visiting for the topiaries. your photos are a great source of inspiration. thanks!

Lenkin Design said...

Thanks ldybug. I am so glad that you enjoyed our blog. Stay tuned, because we're in process on revitalizing a lot of the old posts, as well as adding some new content that should include some thoughts on water gardens and waterfalls! I'll be sure to check out your blogs too. Thank you so much for your comment!

Greg said...

Just imagining the feeling of those river stones on bare feet...I bet its quite delightful!

My chamomile seedlings are just emerging this week. Can't wait until they are more established.

Viooltje said...

You surely filled my gardening dreams with a truckload of inspiration. Thx for stopping by at my place and showing me the way to this great blog, a treasure chest for any gardener out there. Respect!