Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rainy Day Snail

Lenkin 10.05.11-04web2

The last few days have been a first glorious taste of Autumn, with clean, crisp air, and a subtle shift in the color of the afternoon. Oh, and yesterday it poured rain all day long. Anyway, the new moisture has delighted the garden, and brought out more than a few critters as well. Today we found a tiny Glass Snail (oxychilus draparnaudi), which is generally found in more damp climates. Their flat shell is beautiful and glassy (thus their common name) and works well for hiding under pots and stones… Which is where they'll be back next week when temperatures go back up into the 90s. Fall in Los Angeles never arrives definitively until November…

Would you believe this was shot with an iPhone?
Lenkin 10.05.11 iPhone-12web

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