Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pasadena Craftsman Interiors-03

A little while ago, we started work on a Pasadena Craftsman home, not far from our office. We had such a great time working with our client on a complete makeover of the front and back that they asked if we could spruce up the interiors (Heather has a degree in interior design as well). After many fabric and furniture specs and several completely new bathrooms, we finally had time to shoot a few photographs.

Pasadena Craftsman Interiors-02

What was previously an unsightly service corridor is now green wall, providing soft focal points outside the living room and dining room windows. An assortment of ferns were planted in an easy-to-install vertical garden system - Woolly Pockets.

Pasadena Craftsman Interiors-08

Custom cabinetry and tile work in the new guest bath.

Pasadena Craftsman Interiors-06

Custom mosaic floor in the new powder room.

Pasadena Craftsman Interiors-15

Custom shower in an upstairs bath, featuring truly gorgeous fixtures from our friends at Waterworks.

More photographs at our Flickr page.

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