Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming Soon… Spring!

It's probably safe to say that the gardens here are at their least presentable during the winter months. Though even in their dormant and pruned state, there's still plenty to see and smell, and it's certainly a far cry from the monochrome landscape of colder climes...

Bright yellow buds of knife leaf acacia contrast with architectural aeonium.

Deep burgundy abutilon and sizzling pink loropetalum forsage spring.

Narcissus tete-a-tete poke up from a bed of nasturtium.

Osmanthus Time
Osmanthus fragrans' tiny but potent blossoms lace the gardens with that unmistakeable peaches and cream scent, mingling with the first jasminum polyanthum blooms. And the pittosporum undulatum are just about to start popping!

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Do you know anything about planting nasturtiums as companion plants to tomatoes? I understand they are beneficial but don't want to add them if they become invasive.