Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Beautiful Wildflowers and Bulbs for the Winter

Fall and winter are coming up, and that means it's bulb time! And lucky for you, we're not talking about the horrible process of figuring out why your Christmas lights aren't working. No, we're talking about your garden and what you can do to have it looking stylish and lovely into the late fall and winter this year. Here are 10 beautiful bulbs and wildflowers that are sure to have your garden standing out this season.

Lenkin Design's Top 5 Bulbs for Chilly Weather

1. Babiana

2. Chasmanthe

3. Crocosmia

4. Freesia

5. Scilla Campanulata (many colors)

...And 5 of our Favorite Wildflowers for Chilly Weather

1. California poppy Eschscholzia californica

2. Tidy tips Layia platyglossa

3. Blue flax Linum lewisi

4. Baby blue eyes Nemophila menziesii

5. California bluebells Phacelia campanularia
Phacelia viscida by buildingadesert, on Flickr
Photo courtesy Claire Woods


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