Friday, May 1, 2009

Photos from Middelburg

Today Heather is in Volendam, in the Netherlands and she'll be returning from her vacation sometime this weekend. Though the day before yesterday Heather was out in Middelburg in the Netherlands. She sent us a few tiny photos of things that looked rather interesting. Middelburg sits North above and between Bruges and Antwerp. She shared with us some unusual but interesting photos of her observations out in Middelburg.

Planting in Small Spaces

An interesting small planter at a doorway corner large enough to fit a nice annual plant. Just like the photo that she sent us from Burges, if there's a will then there's a way for a plant to grow in any unusual tiny cramped spot.

Trees in Small Spaces

Another photo heather sent us was an unusual way trees were grown, still in a very single small space possible.

Before we share the next two photos from Middelburg, we have something silly to share. We've got a running joke here at the office concerning our cat Queen Minnie.... ruler of everything that she sits on. But usually at around 5:30 in the afternoon Minnie visits the office and will sit on her hind legs on someone's desk and stare off into space with wide eyes and a very perplexed look. Sometimes you can spot her doing this somewhere in the garden as well... but we all know at the office that she's sending and receiving moonbeams from the mother ship. We even have photographic proof:

Minnie Contacting Mothership

So what does this have to do with the next two photos? It looks like Heather has found the Mothership that has been sending Queen Minnie messages out in Middelburg and sent us photographic evidence that the mother ship truly exists.*

Receiving Messages from the Mothership

Tree Shaping Close Up
a closer detailed look look of the mother ship*

*in reality the mother ship is actually just some very unusual tree shaping structures found out in Middelburg.

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bench said...

Am I correct in assuming Jun's influence in the Minnie addition of this post?