Friday, April 24, 2009

Oddball Weather...

The beginning of the week started off with some blistering summer like weather getting up an intolerable 100˚ temperatures. Now towards the end of the week the weather has shifted yet again surprising the entire garden with overcast weather and dropping temperatures to 63˚. I think the Garden's is not too sure if its still spring, or of its summer yet.

Besides the odd ball weather things are still blooming like this beauty:
Flower Bloom

The Irises are all beginning to pop up in various colors.
Like this amazing purple and yellow iris, Edith Wolford Iris.

Also this magnificent yellow iris hiding behind our variegated hebe.
Iris and Hebe

Despite the weather's indecisiveness the Bees are still happily feeding upon the amazing blooms all over the gardens here, like this little fella...
Busy Bee

And every working day while heading up to the office, these little birds always seem to be having a social right in our Rooster garden. I wonder what they talk about every day...
Birds having a social

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Chloe Marguerite said...


I found your blog through Garden Rant - and I'm just blown away.

Beautiful designs, beautiful photography.

Chloe M.