Wednesday, April 22, 2009

iPhone Phantasies

Both of our fancy cameras have gone out of town with their owners. Good thing we have an iPhone here!

Sunday and Monday's 100˚ temperatures were a bit hard on the gardens. The roses, however, have taken this as their cue to bust out in style.

Also enjoying the weather is the Queen's Wreath (petrea volubis). Outside our office window, it's a flurry of dusky stars (and happy bees), like a reversed out "Starry Night," and also snows purple blooms onto the walkway below.

The succulents seem to like the sun, at least...
succulent compositionjpg

While Mom and Dad are away, Sam needs a little extra love…

And we'll let you figure out what the relationship between these last two photos is:

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Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! There is a reason that God
made them really cute (survival