Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cottage Garden from Cottage Living April 2007

A path of Arizona flagstone seamed with thyme threads between ruffled border's to Heather's office. Potted succulent topiaries flank the garden entrance. "orange King' bougainvillea swaths a corner of the cottage and 'Constellation' dogwood routes traffic either left toward the building or right through a rose-twined arbor to the bench.

Heather designed the Gothic, wrought iron arch that frames the v iew of her Andrea della Robbia Madonna nad marks the entry into a shady alcove. Star jasmine and 'Eden' roses intertwin above, while a potted white geranium adds it touchable leaves.

Cottage Icon
Climbing roses with its scrambling, rambling, tumbling nature - and the fragrance you'd know a mile away - a climbing rose conveys the romqance of a cottage garden like no other flower. And, from the short season of the North to the heat-soaked South, there's a variety that thrives in every region. For a list of the best climbing roses in your area, visit

Featured in Cottage Living Magazine, April 2007.

In a shady border just outside her office door, light comes from the layers of plants - yellow 'Julia Child'
roses in its stone urn, sparky coral bells 'Marmalade, striped Aeonium 'Sunburst' and chartreuse licorice plant.

Photography by Steve Gunther. Words by Susan Heeger. As featured in the April 2007 issue of Cottage Living Magazine.

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